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Property Management Partners, LLC is a growing Property Management company serving the Spokane and Eastern Washington area. We are a full service Property Management company that handles both Residential and Commercial properties through the living of our Mission, Vision,Values and Beliefs.


To manage real estate in such a way as to enhance the lives of our Owner Clients and their Tenants.


To be the property management company of choice for Owners, Tenants, Agents and Vendors.


  • Who you are in business with really does matter.
  • No transaction is worth our reputation.
  • Owners and Tenants have a right to great service.
  • Asset preservation.
  • Relationships are important.


  • Win-Win - or no deal.  When we are faced with choices, we encourage the exploration of how everyone wins.
  • Integrity - do the right thing.  There is a right thing to do, and you need to do it.
  • Commitment - in all things.  Keep your word---walk the talk---be willing to be held accountable.
  • Communication - seek first to understand.  Stay out of judgment and into curiosity---ask questions to understand.
  • Creativity - ideas before results.  When we work through an issue we will examine all aspects---options first, solutions second---we want to hear from everyone.
  • Customers - always come first.  We would not exist if we did not have customers.
  • Teamwork - together everyone achieves more.  None of us is as smart as all of us---we succeed when we work together.  No one succeeds alone.
  • Trust - begins with honesty.  Trust is the basis of all relationships. Honesty creates trust.
  • Success - results through people.  In life you have two choices: you can work through people, or go around people.  We are not trying to make money without our people. 

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